The Centre for Economic Policy and Public Finance (CEPPF), supported by the Government of Bihar and hosted by the Asian Development Research Institute, Patna, is a leading organization in social science research. The Centre is dedicated to professional research in the field of economic policy and public finance with special reference to the spatial development issues.

Advanced Analytics Unit for Public Finance (AAUPF) is a unit of CEPPF located at premises of Asian Development Research Institute, Patna. The focus of AAUPF would be to create integrated Database Management System to collate Economic Survey and other Public Finance data, Establish comprehensive analytics driven public finance reporting tools (web based & mobile) and geo spatial centric reporting system to digitalize the different components of Bihar Economic Survey, and Public Finance information of the State.

The scope of work under Advanced Analytics Unit for Public Finance (AAUPF) would be manifold and focus on creation of different aspects to data and information management. Some of them would include:

a. Integrated Database Management System: CEPPF maintains a very high level of economic and public finance data across different socio-economic indicators of the State. In addition, many of these data are sourced from different departments making it increasingly difficult to maintain, and correlate. Physical handling of data also consumes huge amount of operational time thereby reducing the time availability for academic and research work.

Creation of Integrated Database Management System would enable CEPPF to integrate and maintain wide range of data with a very high level of accuracy and drastically reduce data redundancy. It would also help in creation of reporting foundation for correlated and analytical reporting across different public finance subject areas of the State; thereby help government bodies and institutions in generating critical socio-economic and public finance insights. It would help CEPPF to perform more rigorous levels of economic research and achieve new realms in academic discourse.

b. Data Bank: CEPPF engages with diverse group of international and national institutions of repute and government agencies for academic research, comprehensive studies, publishing of papers and journals, and rigorous analysis of different socio-economic indicators of the State. The foundation of these academic works is the comprehensive socio-economic data which is often exchanged through manual process of communication. Keeping in view of international standards of academic & research data management, CEPPF plans to establish a subscription based Data Bank which would be a web based Data exchange platform.

Establish of Data Bank would help in building a perspective on international standards of Data governance for public finance and economic survey data. This would also enable different departments of Bihar government retrieve critical data sets, analytical reports and find reports related to their work in a complete digital manner with minimal dependency on intra-institution communication. This would also be one of its kind State of the Art web based initiative to help propel better levels of data driven academic work.

c. Analytical Reporting: Analytical Reporting is the critical component of policy discourse, policy assessment, and policy formulation for the State government. Currently, CEPPF produces the Bihar Economic Survey keeping in view of the academic needs of the Department of Finance, Government of Bihar. CEPPF plans to create a geo-spatial digital framework for analytical reporting of different socio-economic subjects. This would be a web and mobile app based data analytics driven platform for financial reporting covering all areas of Bihar Economic Survey.